The Dads' No BS Approach to Fat Loss and Fitness

How to lose 2 to 3 kgs in just 5 days, without shakes, pills or starvation diets.
We give you five mistakes dads make when it comes to fat loss and how to mend them in just 5 days.

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The 5 Things All Dads Never Think of When it Comes to Torching Body Fat and How Never to Make Those Mistakes Again

The top 5 mistakes all Dads make when on their weight loss quest…

And how to easily overcome each and every single one.

The ‘L Word’…

And why it can be a nightmare when it comes to torching those last stubborn pounds.

Whether your partner is sabotaging your progress…

And if so, how you can get back on-side without arguing, nagging, or not getting sex for a month.

How you can drink – yep, drink ACTUAL booze…

And still lose weight, using this one simple trick.

How to avoid Doritos and Pic’n’mix when doing the weekly shop.

Why simple things like shopping on an empty stomach can hijack your fat loss results.

Now, get ready to:

  • Create time to workout, even though you think you have none
  • Become the leader of your household for fitness and fat loss
  • Become the dad that your kids brag about “My dad can do more press-ups than your dad”
  • Lose body fat whilst eating the foods you enjoy (no shakes, no pills, no meal plans)
  • Get in shape, stay in shape, feel awesome
  • Join hundreds of other dads just like you who struggle to stay motivated through work and family life

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Learn simple principles like...

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