Love Affirmations for Attracting Your Soul Mate

love affirmations to attract your soul mate

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Love affirmations are a perfect way to “tune yourself in” to the goal of attracting romance and love into your life. This is because affirmations have the power to change your habitual inner dialogue and to set up brain wave patterns which will give you that “good vibe” that you feel when you’re around certain people. Have you ever had that feeling and just wanted to be around someone? If so, you’ll be relieved to know that using positive affirmations can actually help you to develop that vibe…they may even hold the key to attracting your soul mate.

If you get excited just imagining this idea, then you’ll want to develop your own simple and effective love affirmations.

Creating Love Affirmations to Attract Your Soul Mate

First, Get Specific

Before you begin writing your love affirmations for attracting your soul mate, you have to get specific about two things:

1) The kind of person you want to attract

2) The kind of person you must become to attract them

Too often, people create positive affirmations about something that they want, but never bother making the changes in themselves that are required in order to get and keep what they want. This is especially important when it comes to your close relationships. The first thing you need to do is make a list of specific characteristics that you’re looking for in a person, and then ask yourself this question:

Who would I have to become in order to attract this type of person and build a meaningful relationship with them? The answer to this question is the foundation upon which you’re going to build your love affirmations…

Second, Build Your Affirmations

Your positive affirmations for attracting your soul mate need to have four things in common: they need to be in the first person; in present tense; focused on the characteristics you’re looking for; and most importantly, focused on the characteristics you’re going to build in order to attract the love of your life.

For example, if you’re looking for someone who is confident and ambitious, your love affirmations might look like this:

“As a confident and ambitious man, I naturally attract confident and ambitious women into my life.”

“My confidence and assertiveness attracts confident and assertive women.”

“I attract ambitious women because I’m an ambitious man.”

Now, notice that each one of these love affirmations has four things in common:

1) They’re all in the present tense

2) They’re all in the first person

3) They all involve the characteristics you’re looking for a date

4) They all involve the characteristics you need to attract them

Now, in case you’re thinking that you are lying to yourself in stating such things, here’s something important to note about how affirmations work: love affirmations, like any other affirmations, work to condition your subconscious mind to believe the things that you are consistently telling it.

Once these beliefs become crystallized, they’ll begin to influence your actions and beliefs will become a reality. This is because of a psychological principle known as cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is the discomfort which a person feels when their beliefs and their actions are not aligned. This discomfort causes a person to change their actions in order to make them consistent with their beliefs.

And that’s accomplished through the final step…

Third, Rehearse Your Positive Affirmations

Once you have your positive love affirmations written, verbally rehearse them in front of the mirror in the morning and in the evening. This is where the magic really starts happening…and it will take about 21 days for things to really pick up momentum. What you’ll start to notice is that your creative imagination, your subconscious mind and your beliefs will begin lining up the pieces of your life which are necessary for you to start attracting your soul mate.

Good luck!

How to Build Self-Confidence Just Being Yourself

How to Build Self Confidence

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Knowing how to build self confidence is something which every person alive can benefit from tremendously. Just think about how much easier it is to make the most of your natural potential when you possess unbreakable self-confidence. It just makes everything in your life so much easier, whether it’s in your dating life, your career, the achievement of personal goals or in taking care of your body. Building self-esteem is the perfect way to shake the dust off of your skills and talents and to make sure that they get put to use. So because of this, I’ve decided to provide this simple strategy for how to build self confidence just by being you.

(This simple philosophy was developed thousands of years ago by the Greeks and is still being used today)

How To Build Self Confidence

Know Yourself

The first step to learning how to build self confidence just being yourself is getting to know more about who you really are. Most of the time, low self-confidence comes as a result of giving too much weight to other people’s opinions and allowing exterior circumstances to determine your self-worth. Start finding ways to turn these distractions off and start getting to know what’s really going on inside your head. A great way to do this is writing down your thoughts and asking yourself what’s really important to you.

The more you do this, the more you’ll find that building self-esteem is a process of self-discovery more than it is a process of trying to become someone else. It’s also a good idea to start studying the science of how your body works, how your mind works and all of the complexities within, this will help you to develop a greater appreciation for who you are and will restore a sense of awe and wonder about yourself.

You’ll also find that the better you understand yourself, the easier it will be for you to follow the second step to building self-esteem.

Control Yourself

The secret of knowing how to build self confidence is really nothing more than learning to control and focus your thoughts and your inner dialogue. This requires self-control, which can only be developed by deliberate training… just as you can develop your muscles by training in the gym. However, the reason many people never develop self-control is because they view it as a restriction on their freedom, but it’s nothing of the sort. The more control you have over your thoughts and your actions, the freer you are to use your thoughts and actions to achieve the things you really want in life.

In fact, the better you become at controlling yourself the easier it will be for you to build confidence in your capabilities and make and keep commitments both to yourself and to others. This will help you to take the final step of building self-esteem.

Give Yourself

As you start getting to know yourself better and learn to control yourself, you’ll instinctively start looking for a way to use your new sense of confidence to make a contribution to others. This is because the need for contribution is a spiritual need which gives someone a sense of purpose and boosts their understanding of their own value. Think about it, most people who are insecure are also in the habit of withdrawing from others through something known as “self rejection.” But finding a purpose which allows you to make a contribution to other people helps you to get outside of yourself and stop focusing on your own insecurities and hardships.

The more you practice these three steps, the more you’ll become your best self…the person you’ve always known in your heart that you were. Then, you’ll become an inspiration to others as your life becomes a representation of the principles of how to build self confidence.


How to Attract Women: From Approach to Seduction

how to attract a woman

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Knowing how to attract women is certainly a rare skill which many men envy, but few men ever master. Just think about all the men you know who are struggling in their dating life, while for others, approaching women and attracting women seems to come as naturally as water flows downhill. Well, if you are sick of seeing other men scoop up all the desirable women, leaving you to scramble after the crumbs which fall from the masters table, this is one of the most important messages you’ll ever read. What you’re about to learn is a simple strategy which will teach you how to attract women right from the first approach down to the final seduction.

How To Attract Women


First, Become a Social Butterfly

If you pay attention to the small percentage of men that actually know how to attract women, you’ll find that all of them are social butterflies. Okay, so butterfly isn’t too manly of a word. But I’m guessing that if you develop the skill of approaching women and attracting women by becoming a social butterfly, that you’d be okay with that wouldn’t you? So how do you do this? Easy, you start getting into the habit of saying hello to everyone that you see. Everyone. Once you get comfortable with this, you follow up that hello with “How are you doing?” And when I say everyone, I mean that you start approaching women you’re interested in, women you’re not interested in, old women, fat women, men, old men, young men fat men…just start saying hello to everyone.

This will sharpen your social skills and make it easier for you to speak to your “dream girl” when you actually see her. But if you simply stalk in the shadows without speaking to anyone, you’ll be a social train wreck by the time you try to approach “dream girl.” When it comes to developing the social skills for approaching women, the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining…if you know what I mean.

Second, Date Anyone Once

You’re never going to learn how to attract women if you are always looking for a specific type and you refuse to date anyone else. Sure, you might not be interested in her, but go on a date anyway and just start getting out there and explore your options. I mean think about it, a date doesn’t mean you’re having to commit to marrying her…and even if there’s no chemistry, she might make a good friend and help you build your social circle. As you can imagine, the stronger your social circle is, the more opportunities you get to meet new people. Not only that, when other women see that you’re attracting women and that you’re dating, they’ll get that jealous competitive thing that women get and you’ll become a prize to be won.

Would that work for you?

Third, Build Attraction

Getting a woman to go out on a date with you is one thing, but building attraction is another and it’s something which most men are completely clueless about. This is because they think that women are attracted to looks as we are…they’re not. Women are attracted to behaviors, and the most important behavior is confidence. If a woman sees you as a confident man, she’ll become seduced by just being around you and she’ll probably even be the first one to make a sexual move. But don’t get too excited about this yet, women are masters of smoking out fake confidence – and they do it by testing you.

They test to see whether or not you’re going to give in and let them control you, and if you fail the test you’ll end up in the friend’s zone. So the next time you’re with an attractive woman and she throws a test at you, just know that she’s trying to see if you’re confident enough to be a man and stand your ground. If you pass, she’ll develop an attraction for you which is almost uncontrollable.

So that’s the simple process of approaching women and attracting them. If you think that this sounds too easy, just try it. Try it and see for yourself, then you’ll have all your guys asking you about the secret of how to attract women.


How to Attract Money: Three Simple Steps to Prosperity

how to attract money

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If you know how to attract money, it makes everything else in your life a breeze. Just think about how much easier it would be for you to find the time to exercise, to purchase nutritious foods and to get your health in order. Just think about how much easier it would be for you to devote time to building relationships if you knew the secret to how to make money and manifest prosperity. And just think about how much easier it would be for you to find the time and the resources to accomplish any goal if you just had more financial resources.

Yes, money isn’t everything…but it’s reasonably close to oxygen (quoted from Zig Ziglar), when you need it…you really need it. So let’s look at three simple steps which will help you learn the secrets of how to attract money.


How to Attract Money:


First, Decide and Expect

The very first step to learning how to attract money, before you do anything else, is deciding on an exact amount which you expect to receive by an exact deadline. Now, don’t be unreasonable about this and expect to have $1 million in three months if you’ve never made more than $20,000 a year. Just set a small goal for yourself like $10,000 in the next six months. Once you achieve this, you’ll have the confidence to move on to bigger and better things. Now, the secret to making this work is deciding that you’re going to have the money without worrying about how you’re going to do it.

This is because it’s much easier to make money and or even manifest prosperity once you’ve decided that you’re going to do it. Just think about the last time you absolutely had to come up with a certain amount of money. Did you do it? If so, you probably had no idea how you were going to do it at first…you just knew that you had to do it and you decided that you were going to. As you’ll soon discover, that expectation was what made all the difference.

Second, Get Obsessed

If you want to know how to attract money and you haven’t been able to up to this point in your life, it’s probably because you haven’t become obsessed with your goal. Now, you don’t want to get obsessed with money… that’s not the point. Instead, set a specific goal for what you plan on doing with the money and get obsessed with the goal itself. It can be putting $10,000 into an emergency fund so that you can start your own business or it can be buying a new car. No matter what it is, the goal is more important than the amount of money needed to achieve it.

Think about it, no one really wants money anyway…we want the things money can buy. Focusing on trying to make money alone will never build a strong desire. Instead focus on the reason you want to make money or manifest prosperity, and become obsessed with that reason.

Third, Start Working with What You Have

As you’re obsessing over your goal for how to attract money, it’s important for you to start working as hard as you can to achieve your goal. Even if the strategy which you are currently applying is insufficient for earning the money, just keep focusing on your goal and eventually your subconscious mind will start presenting ideas to you. When it does, it will be much easier for you to transfer the momentum which you have established by working hard with what you have. What you’ll find is that having clear expectations and a burning obsession will help you to begin discovering the hidden opportunities which will make it possible for you to learn how to attract money.

How to Attract a Man: From Approach to Commitment

how to attract a man

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Knowing how to attract a man starting from the approach and leading right down to the commitment is a skill which few women possess. However, contrary to the common belief it is possible to learn the skill of attracting a man, and better yet, being able to make him commit to you and fall in love with you…even if he is a man who has fear of commitment.

In case you think that this is impossible, just think about all the women out there who have been able to attract the man of their dreams and have him proposing to them within just a few months. If you’re interested in knowing their secret to how to attract a man, this is one of the most important messages you’ll ever read.


How to Attract a Man:


First, Start Talking to Everyone

Talk to everyone you possibly can whenever you go somewhere: men you’re interested in, men you’re not interested in, women, old people, kids…everyone. This might not sound like direct advice on how to attract a man, but what it will do is demonstrate that you are confident and socially assertive. This is a really big deal, because men are attracted to confidence just as you are. So if you get into the habit of talking to people, even if it’s just to say hello, you can bet that you’re going to attract a lot more attention from people…and that includes men.

See, believe it or not, men are actually pretty afraid of approaching women…they are afraid of rejection, just as you are. But they desperately want to approach women, and if you demonstrate that you are socially assertive and friendly, it will make men automatically more willing to approach you. Then it’s just a matter of filtering through them and finding the man you really want to be with.

Playing hard to get works

Have you ever wondered why men hate it so much when women play hard to get? It’s because it works – men know it works and they’re mad at themselves because it lures them in and makes them fall crazy in love with a woman. Of course, this isn’t popular advice because most people think that you shouldn’t “play games” to make him commit. Listen, everyone plays games in life to get what they want. In fact, life is nothing more than a long string of negotiations and persuasions.

We land jobs and careers by means of persuasion, we negotiate with friends, with our parents, with our children…so it’s okay to play a little cat and mouse with your man and persuade him to get a hold of you before he loses his shot. The best way to play hard to get it is to find something that you are passionate about and to commit yourself to it. Make your man compete for his place in your life, and since men love a challenge, he’ll do exactly that.

Of course, as you’re doing this, it’s important that you understand the key principle behind how to attract a man…

Slow is Fast With Men

Most women don’t understand how to attract a man and make him commit because they’re in a great hurry to do so. But the bigger the hurry you are in to make a man commit, the greater his fear of commitment is going to become. This is because men get the idea that they are not in control, and this will cause them to resist control….even to their own detriment. Yes, it’s silly, but we women have our own little quirks so there’s no point in judging men for being this way.

Instead, when you find a man you’re really crazy about, refrain from directly pressuring him about any kinds of commitments. Instead, make him compete for his place in your life and keep a few close male friends around you. This will arouse his sense of urgency and he’ll see you as a prize to be won. He’ll be in a hurry to get a hold of you before someone else does or before he loses his shot.

As simple as these sound, once you start putting each of them into practice you’ll soon see that knowing how to attract a man is easy once you have the right approach.

Now, go get him!


Learn How to Meditate

how to meditate

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Learning how to meditate is one of the most important skills you learn for managing stress, building willpower and confidence, and for keeping your body in good physical and emotional health. But if you are interested in learning this skill, you probably want to start getting results as soon as possible…how about within 30 days? Believe it or not, this is a sufficient amount of time to become the master provided that you know exactly what steps to follow. This article will provide you with a rock solid plan for learning within just a month how to meditate…


How to Meditate Like a Master Within One Month

Days 1-5

The first five days of the process are going to be spent becoming conscious of the things that you’re thinking about. There is really no objective in this stage but to simply to sit on the ground with your legs crossed and pay attention to whatever thoughts randomly spring into your mind. Do not attempt to concentrate on any one of these thoughts or focus your attention on any one thing. Simply observe and become aware of the random thoughts which are coming into your mind. Don’t analyze them or try to repress them, this is the first stage of developing the skill of meditation.

Days 6-10

During the second five days you’re going to be training your mind and body to get into what’s known as the hypnogic state, which is just between sleeping and dreaming. This is a state which is similar to that used during self hypnosis. To accomplish this, lay down on your back and hold one of your arms at a 90? angle with the rest of your body. This way, just before you start dozing to sleep your arm will fall and awaken you. You’ll also continue to observe your thoughts as they come into your mind just as you did during days 1 to 5. During these five days, or shortly after, you might start experiencing something known as “sleep paralysis” when you wake up from sleeping at night.

Although sleep paralysis can be terrifying, it’s important to remember that this is simply your physical body being still asleep while you are conscious and awake. It will usually pass as you progress through the next stages of meditation…

Days 11-20

During days 11-20 of learning how to meditate, you’re going to work on weeding the random thoughts out of your head. To do this, you simply acknowledge a thought out loud that pops into your head like so:

“I’m thinking about checking my email”

“I’m thinking about watering my lawn”

“I’m thinking about what I’m going to say to my boss at the meeting”

As you do this, you’ll find that the thoughts quickly vanish from your consciousness as soon as you acknowledge them. During this stage, you’ll also be lying on your bed with your arm up to keep you from dozing off to sleep. By the end of these 10 days, you’ll be ready for the final stage of meditation…

Days 21-30

During the final ten days of learning how to meditate, you’ll be refining the skill of remaining in the hypnogic state and clearing your mind of any thoughts which might come into it. The only objective during these 10 days is to be in a state of complete calm in mind, body and spirit. If you find any thoughts coming into your mind, simply follow the process of acknowledging them just as you did during days 11 to 20. By the end of this 10 day period, you’ll have mastered the skill of meditation and you’ll have already begun to see the benefits of more sound sleep, lower stress levels, better concentration and more focused willpower.

So start practicing these steps today, and just 30 days from now you’ll have taught yourself the valuable skill of learning how to meditate.

Simple Strategies on How to Find Your Purpose in Life

How to Find Your Purpose in Life

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Finding your purpose in life is a lot harder than most people think it is. Most of the time, if you ask people what their purpose in life is they will give you a vague list of goals or duties such as: being a better parent; being a good friend; being a good person… and of course all these things are important. But who doesn’t want to be a better parent, a good friend and a good person? If you want to find a definite purpose for your life, one which fills you with enthusiasm and gives you understanding that you’re living for something bigger than yourself, you need to move beyond the realm of generalities.

It’s like the motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said in his book “Over the Top”: “You will never succeed as a wandering generality, you must become a meaningful specific.” So if you’re really ready to get serious about your mission here on earth, here are a few simple strategies on how to find your purpose in life.

3 Simple Steps on How to Find Your Purpose in Life


1. Let Go

The first thing that you need to do when it comes to finding your purpose is let go of all the noise and static which is keeping you from “hearing” the still small voice within your heart. Sure, there are many valuable things you can learn from outside sources and other people’s input. But when it comes to you finding your life purpose, the person you need to have a consultation with is always available, and that person is you. The problem is that we are all bombarded with so many opinions, solicitations and ideas about how things should be that we’ve desensitized ourselves to the voice of our heart.

Your own personal and spiritual growth is your responsibility and no one else’s, regardless of how many people will try to tell you what you should or should not do with your life. Once you have filtered these things out by cultivating “selective ignorance”, you can start focusing on the skill which will help you in finding your purpose.

2. Start Listening to Yourself

The most important thing you can do to start building self-awareness and find out what YOUR specific purpose is here on earth is to start listening to yourself, and the best way to accomplish this is by keeping a daily journal of your thoughts. The great inventor Benjamin Franklin once said: “If you’re not to be forgotten when you’re dead and rotten, either do things worth writing about or write things worth reading about.” This saying must have been believed by many other great achievers in history because most of them were prolific writers who kept track of their thoughts and reflections in personal letters and journals.

Writing is a focused exercise for the mind and it helps you to clarify the random thoughts which are going round in your mind driving you crazy for most of the day. Begin to write these thoughts down and write down the answers to questions such as “What’s the one thing that I want people to remember me for?” or “What’s the one thing that I want to accomplish before I die?”. As you ask yourself these questions and develop the skill of understanding your own thought process and listening to the voice of your heart, the answers will become clearer and more specific.

3. Go For It

The great writer Jack London once said: “You can’t wait for inspiration to come to you, you must go after it with a club.” The same is true when it comes to finding your purpose, you have to start feeding your mind with things and seeking out materials which will help you to further understand your own desires. If you want to do something with your life, you can bet that someone else has either done it themselves or at least something similar.

So devote yourself to becoming an avid reader and researcher of the things you’re interested in, and in conjunction with your journaling you’ll eventually succeed finding your life purpose. Start researching different things that interest you. Find a book about that topic. If you find an author that really strikes you, go after that person. Read biographies on how they got where they are. The only way to find your purpose in life and be successful at it is to see what other people are doing and find your one unique angle on it.

If you want to start today creating a better you, and get one step closer to creating the Super You that you have dreamed of, sign up to get my free ebook below.

How to Build Self Esteem in 3 Easy Steps

How many times have you missed out on an opportunity because of your lack of self esteem? Can you even count the number of times you have turned into a sweating, stumbling mess during a job interview, completely forgetting the answers to a simple questions and failing completely even though you know you were right for the job?

Or how about this- Have you ever stuttered your way through a conversation with another person that you were attracted to, and known right away that you blew your chances with ever getting to really get to know them?

Learning how to build self esteem is probably one of the most important things you can do in your personal growth because having high self confidence makes everything else in your life so much easier and more pleasant!

To make sure you never miss out on a potentially life-changing opportunity again, here are three simplified steps to building your self esteem and keeping your self confidence soaring where it should be.

How To Build Self Esteem

1. Seek Your Own Council

Building self esteem begins with seeking your own Council when it comes to your self-worth. No matter how hard you work at developing your self esteem, there will always be external opinions or circumstances which will seek to break down your confidence. Think about it, even the most incredible people in the world are at the butt of other people’s disapproval. You see it in tabloids and newspapers every day. The difference between these successful people and the ones who constantly doubt themselves is that they seek their own council above anyone else’s. They never even think about letting their exterior circumstances or other people’s opinions have the power to validate them as an individual.

TIP: Be mindful of your thoughts and start paying attention to how often you allow outer circumstances or the opinions of others to chip away at your self esteem. This alone will give you the power to interrupt this self-limiting pattern and to change it for the better.


2. Have a Definite Purpose

Having a definiteness of purpose in your life on which you can focus your energy. This is essential to building self esteem that is indestructible in the face of any circumstance because your definite purpose will help you to develop the character trait of decisiveness. This will give you a clear sign of rock solid self confidence that others will notice as well and will give you confidence to feel your own council as mentioned above. Just think about all the people you know who are insecure… I bet you a $1000 that they are also indecisive as a result of being unclear about what they want out of life.

Finding a definite purpose can seem like a big challenge at first. But you’d be amazed at how easy it is once you start seeking your own council and turning off the “exterior noise” which is distracting you.

TIP: To get clear on your definite purpose in life, start keeping a daily journal and write down questions about what your think your purpose is. Don’t try to answer everything all at first, just write down some ideas and get into a flow of whatever comes to mind. This will help you to clarify your thoughts and develop a better understanding of what your definite purpose is over time.


3. Change Your Inner Dialogue

The biggest factor holding most people back when learning low to build self esteem is understanding the dynamic of inner dialogue to your advantage instead of letting it work against you. Your self confidence is a direct result of the way that you talk to yourself inside your head.

Just think about how quickly you can destroy someone else’s confidence by the way that you talk to them…or how quickly you can build their confidence up. The same is true when it comes to the way you talk to yourself inside your head… only it’s more intense because you are listening to yourself 24/7! That is why changing your inner dialogue through use of positive affirmations is one of the most powerful ways to start building self-esteem. The easiest way to develop your positive affirmations is to ask yourself how you would speak to someone else if you wanted to help them boost their confidence.

Then, you simply write down your answers and read them aloud every day, once in the morning and once in the evening. For really fast results, look in the mirror while you do it…look yourself right in the eye. And for EVEN faster results, you can meditate on the affirmations.


Now, go put these simple strategies into practice and before you know it you’ll be building self-esteem which will make it easier for you to use the skills and talents which you possessed for years.

How to use the law of attraction

how to use the law of attraction

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Ever since the release of the blockbuster movie “The Secret”, the law of attraction has been getting a lot of attention. As a result, more and more people are becoming conscious of their thoughts in regard to helping them manifest prosperity, health, and romance. But many are also skeptical of how your thoughts alone could attract all of the results into your life… even the things that you don’t want. And rightfully so, since the many people try to use the law of attraction with with little success because they use only the information provided in the movie. So, if you are curious about how the law of attraction works (how it really works) and how you can use it to get whatever you want out of life, this will help you get started.


How to Use The Law of Attraction And get Real Results


The thing that confuses most people about the Law of Attraction is how you could attract something into your life simply by thinking about it…

Well the truth is you CAN’T!

Woah!? What!?… You thought that was all there was to it, right?

Well, it has been scientifically proven that your thoughts have a significant impact on the electrical vibration of your nervous system. And this vibration influences your emotional states which effects the actions that you take. So if you’re constantly thinking about things that you want, and if the vision and your mind is specific enough, it will send a message to the nerves within your muscles and prepare them for action.

That is a basic physical explanation of how the law of attraction works, but it also creates a level of awareness in your mind. This new level of awareness causes you to begin having flashes of inspiration and “hunches” which will guide you in the direction of what you are thinking about. Have you ever noticed how people who know exactly what they want are consistently working towards it and being presented with opportunities to have it? It has nothing to do with luck, fate, or divine intervention. It’s simply their mind being “tuned in” to what they want which influences their actions and intuition in such a way that they eventually get what they think about.

You see, when you start focusing on a thought or idea for long enough, your subconscious will start to recognize that as something that is important to you. It will then put up flags and send you signals throughout the day to notice things that you might not normally notice. When you take action on the things that your subconscious is pointing out to you, you are acting in accordance with your intuition and in effect attracting the things you desire to you. Take note that you have to take action on the things that your intuition is directing you toward. Imedtiate action! More on that later…


So how do you start using the Law of Attraction to influence your mind and body in such a way?


First, Have a Burning Desire.

Just like Napoleon Hill describes in his book, “Think and Grow Rich” (quite possibly the most influential book on developing a prosperity mindset), one of the simplest and most effective pieces of advice in regard to getting what you want is having a burning desire for your specific goal. Know exactly what you want- meditate and focus on it obsessively, and you are bound to figure out how to get it eventually. You will be more likely to recognize opportunities to pursue the object of your desire when those opportunities arise. When you do this, you will become quicker to get back up and reapply yourself when you fail. You will learn to leverage even your failures as learning opportunities instead of seeing yourself as defeated.

So the first step towards using the law of attraction effectively is having a burning desire for a specific goal. It can be to manifest financial prosperity (with an exact figure in mind), be more healthy (again, with an exact healthy goal or ideal weight) or any other kind of goal which you can turn into a burning desire.


Second, Lifestyle Design and Planning.

The second step to using the Secret to manifest prosperity, health or romance is to begin building your lifestyle around the object of your desire. This means that you do whatever you can to make it the most prevalent thought in your mind. Use a vision board, meditation, journaling, or spoken affirmations as tools.

Use whatever you need to create a vividly imagined experience of you already in possession of the object of your desire. It has been scientifically proven that your subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real experience and an imagined one IF the imagined one has enough emotion and feeling, as well as sensory stimulus behind it. This means that if you imagine yourself as already having achieved your goal with as much feelings as possible, your subconscious will be working for you to achieve your goals and your intuition will help you attract the deepest desired of your life with ease.

Most important, begin developing a specific plan for how you are going to achieve it and get to work on that plan right away, whether you’re ready or not. The universe loves action. Live in the flow of life and you will start manifesting effortlessly before you know it.


As simple as these may sound, the results are to be proof enough once you get started applying these two steps. The more you do this, the more you’ll be convinced of the power and practicality of how to use the law of attraction.


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7 Easy Self Improvement Tips

self improvement tips

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The world of self improvement has many avenues. There are all kinds of opinions out there as to the best way to go about personal growth and to push yourself to new levels of achievement and fulfillment. If you’re someone who’s interested in personal development and personal growth, you’re probably always in search of effective strategies for stimulating growth. You’re probably also looking for strategies which will ensure your personal growth and help you to achieve results.

So after spending over a decade studying personal achievement, I’ve put together a short, to the point, and easy to follow guide of power packed self improvement tips that I have discovered are the most wildly used tactics of the great teachers and gurus like Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and John Assaraf. I am giving these to you as a way of giving back and helping people like you to achieve greater success in their life.


7 Easy Self Improvement Tips You Can Start Using Today:

Daily Journaling

If you study the great achievers of history, you’ll find that almost all of them were avid writers. Writing in a daily journal helps you to clarify your thoughts and goals. In return, you will develop a sense of self-awareness, giving you the ability to reinvent yourself on a moment’s notice and help you to develop unshakable self-confidence.


Meditation is probably the most commonly neglected, but one of the most important, tools to use on your path of self improvement. It is the most effective means of reducing stress and clearing out your mind from “negative chatter” which lead to worry, doubt, and anxiety. Daily meditation also helps to slow your heart rate and regulate your digestion among dozens of other health benefits.

Along with all of that, it also helps you get more restful sleep and makes your body recover, and rejuvenate faster. Basically, the practice of meditation is the one thing which can make the other six of these self improvement tips effective.

Expecting to Win

People who achieve great things in life aren’t always smarter or more capable than the average person. The one thing that they do have in common however, is that they expect to win, even before they know how they’re going to do it.

Having expectations doesn’t require knowledge of how those expectations are going to be, and if you start from a foundation of bold expectancy, the rest is just a matter of taking action, learning form your mistakes, and perseverance.

Writing Goals and Plans of Actions

If you want to accomplish anything of value in your lie, you must develop the habit of writing down clear and specific goals and plans of action for achieving those goals. Just thinking, or dreaming of how you want your life to be is like sending wishes in a bottle out into the ocean. There is no clear direction and no way of knowing if you have ever really reached your destination.
Writing down your goals makes them crystal clear and begins building an expectation in your mind. Also, having written plans gives you a specific set of actions to take each day towards the realization of your long-term goal.

Be Well Rounded

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, being well-rounded is the key to living a balanced life and for building the physical stamina, the emotional fortitude, the financial security and the social support system required in order to achieve great things.

The process of personal development must be holistic in nature.
Think about it this way…
Every single area of your life affects every other area either directly or indirectly. If your relationships are out of order, it’s going to affect your health and your financial life. If your health is out of order it’s going to start your personal growth and make it more difficult for you to find the energy to achieve any of your goals. It is a never ending cycle where everything is related to one another.

Positive Affirmations

Your conscious actions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions are all controlled by the auto response triggers set up in your subconscious mind. These automatic responses of your subconscious are constantly being programmed by your environment and what you allow your mind to be exposed to. If you are constantly around people who complain about their job, your subconscious finds ways to be unhappy at work so you can complain…

Positive affirmations have the power to change your inner dialogue which can literally retrain your subconscious and change your personality, your character, your actions and your life. For best results, write one positive affirmation for each of the key areas of your life (health, relationships, finances and career) and make a commitment to rehearsing them out loud twice daily. Use them during your time of meditation for even better results!

Teach to Learn

This is the most important of any of the seven self improvement tips. The more you teach other people the principles of personal growth and success, the clearer your understanding will be of them and the more effective you’ll be able to make them in your own life. Even if you have no one to teach, you can write about the principles of personal development and how they are helping you. Stating your thoughts out loud or in writing about how to improve as a person will force you to think about the things that you know differently. And, usually the people that you are teaching will ask questions and get you thinking different. It is an enlightening experience for everyone.

You can even begin by writing a short paragraph about each of these simple self improvement tips. Write each one as if you were teaching the principles to someone else and your understanding of them will deepen.

Start implementing at least one of these seven general self improvement tips in your life each day and you are sure to start seeing the Super You emerging within.

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